Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Plagiarism Drama Update

My post the other day about the drama where someone plagiarized me has concluded. After one comment to the scum artist and two e-mails to the site admin, I got a reply this morning from "Robin" (ahem) from the blog in question at make money log dot com.

"I’m sorry to that copyright problem. Since i cann’t check the
copyrights of all articles posted by our members on this blog. I have
noticed all members to write the copyright of the articles at this
site. Also i’ll check all articles’ copyright again. Additional, I
haven’t received any notification from you a few days ago.

Please don’t worry, i have removed the article that you mentioned."

Ahem again. (unable to stop shaking head, clearing throat and smirking over here)
Again, it's really funny that this had to happen. All the person who ripped off my article had to do was keep the author box in tact when they cut & pasted me from my e-zinearticles.com article. Then, they could have kept the article and earned all the adsense dollars they wanted from it. Shrug.

Special thanks to Jonathan at plagiarismtoday.com for offering to help and for reminding me about Google alerts. I've signed up and am finding the hits pretty interesting :)

Cheers all,

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Jonathan Bailey said...

You're welcome for the suggestion! I'm glad it helped!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist, I'm very glad to hear that the situation was resolved!