Saturday, September 1, 2007

Drama, Plagiarism and Disruptions

Today's drama is content theft. It's rather busy on Planet Dana and I don't have time for this but can't help but feel incensed! It's slowing me down though. I googled my name and found something that made me think that an article I wrote this week for got picked up. I looked at it and lo and behold, someone else is taking credit for it. They're not a very smart thief either because I illustrated how to make a clickable link in a blog document and used the URL of this blog as an example so ofcourse when I google Dana Prince, it turns up right away with someone else's name on it.
I've commented on the post that it's my article and yet I don't see credit and have written to the site owner as well. What else should I do? I guess wait & see what happens.

Nice to know someone thought my work was worth stealing and putting google adsense ads all over. I guess my recourse if they don't remove it is to threaten to report them to Google. Now how do I get on with my day which has to involve 8,750 words by bedtime and two busy kids in the midst. Hmmm.


Danielle said...

Hi Dana,
This seems to be getting more and more common and it blows my mind how many people are too lazy to come up with their own words.

As for what to do about it? Deborah Ng has some good advice here:

Myth said...

I don't see why people, at least those with innocent intent, do not simply give a link to the article of interest, or quote with a link as reference. So it is either laziness or the intent to pull of someone elses ideas and work as their own. Both are equally disgusting.

Dana Prince said...

Thanks Danielle. I love Deb's blog and know she knows all about content theft, that's for sure!

Thanks for the reply Myth. I totally agree. The word disgusting does hit the nail on the head!

Jonathan Bailey said...


One thing you might want to consider is setting up a Google Alert for your name and getting results emailed to you rather than searching for them youself. Saves a great deal of time.

If you need any help resoliving this case, send me an email and I'll gladly see what I can do. I have a good record at stopping these kind of scum.

Let me know what I can do to help!

Dana Prince said...

Jonathan, I stumbled into google alerts yesterday and decided to come back later & figure them out. Thanks for reminding me as I forgot to bookmark it!

Thanks for the offer of help. I have a second e-mail into the website admin and will only give them another day or two before taking stronger actions :)