Monday, September 3, 2007

Labouring on Labour Day Weekend

Pack away your white shoes ladies & gents. Today's the day! Kiddies are back in school tomorrow and the leaves are getting ready to change. My husband is spending endless amounts of time and money at the garden centers buying up all the deals for next year's gorgeous garden and I am not taking labour day off. 'Tis a labour of love though.

This weekend I reserved a few new blogs and spent a good amount of time getting one ready. I'm happy to introduce: Cook It With Love. I also spent far too much time on Commission Junction, signing up and getting familiar with it. It was a bit of extra time spent on something I thought I didn't have time for but I'm on an ever growing quest to find more residual income after finding a few little gold mines. In this career choice, time equals money. Self promotion is something you must spend time on in order to advance your career and be able to spread your wings a little.

For instance, last month I earned $75 from one article through Adsense. The article took me ten minutes to write a few months back and I've spent less than that promoting it. It's been consistently bringing in money for a few months and last month's earning's were fantastic! That really makes me want to find ways to get what I have out in cyberspace working even harder for me. Doing that will up my income so I can be choosier about what I take on as assignments.

I also put out about 15,000 words this weekend for various assignments and have six articles to write for a deadline today. I have some great clients that pay well and have lots of interesting work for me. I feel very blessed.

I accepted a new challenge this weekend as well. I've been writing for Exquisite Writing for about 18 months. That was my first writing agency and now I've been offered and accepted a team leader position. I'll have a few writers reporting to me and may be looking to hire a few more within a few months. It should be an interesting and exciting challenge!

I'm sadder than I can describe to bid summer adieu but am also excited about new possibilities in the next season of my life & writing career.


Sharon Hurley Hall said...

What a great opportunity, Dana. I'm sure you'll be successful in your new venture. I did the same a few months back - it's both challenging and exciting. Good luck

Lillie Ammann said...

Congratulations and good luck in your team leader position.

Dana Prince said...

Thanks so much for the well wishes Sharon & Lillie :)

I just found out I will probably need to assemble most of my own team so if anyone who is looking for extra work, might want to get in touch as I could be getting quite busy :)