Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Brag

Today I was reviewed on my favourite writer's blog, Get Paid To Write Online.. I am so lucky that Sharon Hurley Hall hasn't initiated a restraining order because I've been stalking her since April of 2006 when I found her blog on Writingup. She politely referred to bumping into me at numerous places online but yeah, that's becuase I follow her around like a lost puppy. LOL.

In all seriousness, thanks Sharon for the plug. I have learned a lot from you and continue to do so from your blogs, your topic at inspiredauthor.com and from becoming friends with you. Sharon set my wheels in motion on the fast track when she once posted a list on her blog of everyone she works for and I proceeded to apply to every single one of those places and that's how I accelerated my writing career. Many people pay a fortune to learn how to break into freelance writing. I got all the info I needed for free! Checking Sharon's old writer mentoring blog used to be as second nature to me in the mornings as pouring a coffee. Sharon has taught me a lot about freelance writing as well as her specialty of self promotion. She's a true guru on seo and self promotion!

Thanks again, Sharon for not filing that restraining order & for being such a great mentor!


Lillie Ammann said...

Congratulations on a great review from a great mentor.

Angie said...

I found your blog via that post, and I'm glad I did. Your blog is an inspiration. Congrats on the good review.