Monday, October 8, 2007

Team Mentality In Freelance Writing

Today felt good. A regular writing client paid me a great compliment and probably doesn't even realize it. The client sent an announcement to his team about an award the company had received and addressed the team and included me in the distribution list. He doesn't just see me as a subcontractor, he sees me as part of his team. This is how you get repeat clients; become an extension of their business.

If you think like a salesperson, treat your customer's projects as your projects and deliver exceptional service that you can be proud of you can become an extension of their team. That's how you get raises and repeat business.

If you behave as an actual stakeholder, you will see a change in how you are treated by your customers.

I always do my best to:

-answer my customer's requests immediately
-treat their deadlines and desired outcome with importance
-act with honesty and integrity

I hate waiting forever for answers. I am on e-mail constantly so that I can answer or acknowledge e-mails straight away. My customers regularly comment with pleasure at my quick turnaround time.

I respect the deadline and treat it with importance. I'm being paid to deliver and deliver on time and I take that very seriously. I've recently brought writers onto my team and have stressed the importance of the deadline. If they slip, they won't have many chances with me because if they don't meet deadlines, it will impact my reputation.

I act honestly at all times. One client overpaid me once. I told him and deducted the amount from his next invoice. I made a dumb mistake with another, I told her the truth. They respected it and they are both repeat customers.

I'm proud to boast that one client of mine has given me 3 raises in 1 year and another has recently given me a promotion. I believe it's because I treat their business as my business and always do my best to give more than 100%.

Hope you have a great day.


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Margie said...

Hi Dana,

It feels so great to get a compliment. Sometimes we don't realize how important compliments are until we are on the receiving end! Keep up the good work!