Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Bit Of Bleh From Dana

Mondays are not much different than any other day when you're a freelance writer. I don't keep regular business hours so Mondays can be like any other day but today I'm going to say I don't like Mondays.

I'm not always positive and upbeat, despite what you usually see on this blog. I am a cup half full kinda girl and usually reserve venting for my handwritten journal instead of my blog but sometimes sharing your misery can help others as well as help you feel a bit better.

Last night I was disillusioned. I still am this morning. I have some projects not going well, some staffing problems, a huge workload and a sore back. Last night I had 'had' it. I solved my problems by reading about someone else's.

I spent some time with Kathy Kehrli, aka the Irreverent Freelancer and felt a little bit better. I dug through her archives and read about 2.5 months of posts instead of putting another 3000 words in like I had planned but you know what? I needed it!

This morning I had a rough start to the day and needed to do more than read about other writers misery though so I shared some misery with one of my writing friends and it felt better. Sharon always has words of wisdom for me when I'm having a rough time.

It's hard working on your own and I miss my former cube mates Jen and Wendy who I'd dash over to and have a moan with when I was in the corporate world. I now have virtual cubicle mates, I suppose. Some that I chat with and commiserate with and others that I just read their frustrations and it feels like the old smokin' area back at my old digs and back when I smoked...

I used to get frustrated, grab a work friend and go 'out for a smoke' to get the frustration off my chest or listen to theirs. I guess reading a Screw You blog and chatting on e-mail or IM is the 21st century e-way for freelancing telecommuters to do that.

EDIT: I just realized that today is in fact Tuesday instead of Monday which further illustrates my jumbled state of mind. TTFN.

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Sharon Hurley Hall said...

It's tough having those days, Dana. If it's any consolation to you, I thought it was Wednesday for a while and panicked because I thought I had missed a deadline for submitting work. I was SO relieved to find it was Tuesday.