Friday, October 12, 2007

Organizing of Time and Counting of Blessings

I have fully recovered from my bad bleh day the other day. I believe in the power of positive thinking and the laws of attraction and made sure I scraped myself up off the floor after venting the other day. As a result, I have had a good week albeit not very productive. Hopefully the weekend will be quite productive.
Here's what's on this weekend agenda:

-some real estate articles
-soccer articles
-a client's proposal editing project
-a few chapters on a ghostwriting e-book project
-overseeing some travel articles for my team
-several pro blogging posts

How will I get through this long list of to do's? I will count on my husband and kids to give me some time and space and I will work hard and reward myself for a job well done. I'll also have a bit of me time to keep me going and will probably ingest lots of coffee!

I find that if I look at things positively, I am more productive and motivated than I am if I look at my workload begrudgingly so, here are a few of the blessings I count today:

-My back feels better (it was hurting for a week)
-My family is healthy and they have all said "I love you" to me today
-I've resolved some staffing issues
-My husband is making dinner
and bought pie and ice cream for dessert tonight
-A client paid me a compliment today
-Two quotes are in the works for new business with a good chance of my winning the biz
-Agency I team lead for about to get very busy
-A fun editing assignment for the weekend
-Lots of work on my desk to do at good rates
-Two people paid me today

And: the fall colours are beautiful. Oh, and today I hit a surprise door crasher sale and got about $100 worth of stuff for $35.

And...people actually pay me money for my writing. Woo hoo!

What are you thankful for today?

Don't forget to count your blessings. If you do,you may find you get even more of them to count.


Sharon Hurley Hall said...

I am thankful for two paid blogging gigs, good friends, more work coming in, my family, and being able to have some down time at the weekend - very different from a year ago. Nice post, Dana.

Dana Prince said...

That's great, Sharon. I hope to have some down time next weekend :) Enjoy yours!

Courtney - Web Writing Info said...

I hope you had a productive weekend! I didn't so much...but this week WILL be better.

I'm thankful for my awesome husband, my cute kids, my clients, my internet connection :) and the ability to pull money out of thin air.

Dana Prince said...

"and the ability to pull money out of thin air..."

What a poignant statement!

There's an inspirational blog post in that statement, Courtney...I know my humble writing beginnings were my attempt at just that. When it started happening I could barely believe I was making money out of nowhere all by myself but the fact that people were paying me to write was astounding to me.

Oswegan said...

Were you able to get all of your to do's done?


Dana Prince said...

Thanks for asking, Oswegan...
I got about 80-85% of my to-do list done which was good enough because I did add a few things that I wanted to do but that I didn't HAVE to get done. I always try to overshoot so I can get a jump start on stuff and leave myself some room in case something 'can't' get done. I did everything that 'had' to be done.


Holli Jo said...

Dana - I love this positive post! I needed it because I've started to let negativity creep in. So I'll list some of the things I'm blessed with:

I have a loving husband
I was paid today
I feel encouraged about my writing
Dinner is pizza, so I don't have to prepare it!

I love your statement, "people actually pay me money for my writing. Woo hoo!" because I feel the exact same way! It's such a great feeling.

And p.s. I must come over to your house and try your cabbage rolls! They sound divine.

Dana Prince said...

Great stuff to be thankful for, Holli Jo! Judging by the current state of my kitchen we should've opted for pizza (and paper plates!)

Yes, the cabbage rolls were awesome. Definitely felt like fall comfort food weather this weekend so they were perfect!

suewrite said...

This is a really positive post Dana. I am thankful for work coming in, for the love and support of my husband and family and for the fact that in the last sixteen months I have made a lot of cyber friends


Margie said...

Hi Dana,

I'm thankful for an awesome husband who supports my dream of writing a novel; the love of my family; many good friends (including the ones in cyberspace!); my health; my love for writing; and God's protection during the severe storms that hit our state this week.