Sunday, May 20, 2007

Connecting the “Secret” To My Own Success

A few months ago I was flipping the channels on the remote and something on Oprah caught my attention. It was the episode that sent the secret of “The Secret” to the average person. I was stunned because a few minutes into the show, I was staring at a screen that had a picture of a book that I ghost-wrote last summer. I was stunned, to say the least. I did not ghost write “The Secret” but I ghost wrote for someone who released the same idea last summer.

One of the agencies I work for, my first writing agency, actually, gave me my test assignment after they reviewed some of my work. That assignment was to do a rewrite on a one hundred year old book by Wallace D Wattles. The book was called The Science of Getting Rich and I had to modernize it. It was a tough project but I proved myself to my new employer and made my first paycheque as a writer that wasn’t from a blogging or paid-to-post forum job. The book encompasses things I knew but put it in a way that helped me change the way I thought about the world around me. It was very Christian based and I am still a baby in terms of my Christian walk so I do have days where I don’t think positively. But when I do walk in the light, I know I get some great results!

The week that I did that rewrite, I got that job and regular work going forward from that agency. I also started working for a company managing several of their online forums for a decent salary and earned a job ghost writing for a highly respected doctor for his website and learning centre. Pretty good results and I felt like my career dreams were coming true. I exuded confidence that week and it showed through in my writing as well.

I know people who live based on negative thinking and that’s all they have in their lives…negativity. Positive begets positive and negative definitely helps create a negative force field all around you.

The idea of the secret is that you use the power of positive thinking, the laws of attraction and surrounding yourself with positive things to yield positive results. Living with gratitude is also a key factor in personal happiness. I think it worked pretty well for me. I faced burnout recently and am now finding myself working with the idea of the laws of attraction in mind and it’s already netting me some great results.

My suggestion to you:
Always think of the glass as half full and try to surround yourself with positive people. You will see the results very quickly. Read up on the laws of attraction. You don’t have to pay the $40 for The Secret. There are dozens of websites that offer a free download of Wallace D Wattle’s e-book or some variation of it. You never know, you could end up reading the new version that I wrote myself.

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Mich said...

That's incredible. I was just talking to some friends about the "Secret" the other day, and how much positive thinking really does impact people's lives. Awesome post!

Dana Prince said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Mich. I hope things are going well with the content done better blog. I was a regular visitor when Carson ran it and will have to stop by & see what you've been up to :)


BloggingWriter said...

That's amazing, Dana. I am experiencing great results with positive thinking (and the action to back it up), so it's interesting to hear that you have had this experience. I think I have a copy of that ebook somewhere; I must read it properly.

Dana Prince said...

Yes, Sharon...the 'action' is very important. Merely waiting for the horn of plenty to show up & spill over won't get us very far :D

If you cannot find yours, drop me an e-mail and I can send you a copy.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I can't imagine seeing something I worked on featured on Oprah. Congratulations on reaching what must be a pinnacle for freelancing!

Dana Prince said...

Hi Robyn,
Actually, it wasn't my work featured on Oprah (but it did make me wonder for a minute if that's who I ghost wrote it for).

My understanding is that because of the age of the original book, it's now public property so many people are capitalizing on the book's success and writing their own versions of it.

I wrote my version for an agency and don't know who their client was and have found numerous different versions of it online.

It was still pretty cool though :D
Thanks for stopping in,


Merry Jelinek said...

It's so simple, and yet so powerful... So many people will roll their eyes at the idea that the way you think can have an impact on your surroundings, but really every religious background employs this knowledge - from workshops to pep rallies... It's a fairly proven concept if, as Sharon says, you then do the work...

Thanks for the reminder, Dana. It was a nice boost for what is proving to be a long week.

Dana Prince said...

Hi Merry!
Hope you're well.
Thanks for stopping by...sorry to hear you're having "that" kind of week.
I felt it happening to me yesterday and I talked myself out of it trying to tell myself that it was going to be a productive week instead of a crazy week and turned myself from stressed to stoked :)