Friday, May 25, 2007

Shameless Plug for My New Health Blog

Today I'd like to plug myself. I have found the most rewards come when I write about health. Two of my regular clients are on the lookout for health related work for me so I guess my enjoyment of the topic must shine through. I write the odd post about health on my other blogs and have found lately that they are not only the most rewarding but the most lucrative as well so I recently started a new blog called HealthNiche
Just wanted to share some link love with myself and tempt people to drop by for a read. It's early in development but I'm hoping to share useful information that I come across both as a result of my interest in health and wellness, natural remedies and news about health as well as from my research that's work related. I ghostwrite for a naturopath on a monthly basis as well as have done plenty of articles and projects for health related clients.

If you favourite my new blog at Technorati ( or create a link to my new blog, please let me know here and I'll be sure to return some love by giving some link love for you here within the next week.



Merry Jelinek said...

Plug away, Dana, I'll be sure to stop by and visit... I have a friend very into homeopathic remedies, so I'll pass you on there, as well...

On another note, I've awarded you with the thinking blogger award Check out the post when you get time, and see if you can't pass on the link love!!!

BloggingWriter said...

You've been tagged for a thinking blogger award. Lucky you, tagged twice :)