Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A One Thousand Bucks A Week Freelance Writing Job

How much can you make as a writer? It varies. I invoiced over $900 last week and I had 1.5 days off. I did feel a bit stressed this past weekend when I had to pull off 20,000 words over the weekend while having a dinner party to attend two hours away on Sunday but it was well worth it when I realized how much I earned last week and because I hit my goals. I love falling in to bed exhausted but fufilled because I did what I challenged myself to do.

I was tickled pink when I started earning a few hundred a week at writing last year. I'm thrilled to be at this level now. I don't expect to earn this much each and every week but it's given me a nice boost both financially and creatively because knowing you'll earn well can be great motivation to write.

I've picked up some great new clients and have been receiving some unsolicited work requests. Last week I even turned down a job because it paid too low when usually I would snap it up because I was so afraid of a famine that I was like a writing hamster with her cheeks stuffed full and her wrists feeling like they were about to fall off.

Two months ago I was ready to pack it in and today I'm arranging for help for overflow. Life is good.

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Lillie Ammann said...

Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment when you read the statistics on what writers usually make.It took me several years to reach that level of income.

Dana Prince said...

Thanks, Lillie.
I did have a darkest before the dawn period where I was low and sick of the lousy paying jobs and had a bit of a famine for a few weeks after slowing down enough to give myself a weekend off. I was ready to call it quits but things turned around and I found a few better paying gigs. Perseverance is important in the world of freelancing!

Jason Parker said...


$900 last week?! We need to talk, chick. =)

Do you mind sharing with me your experiences via e-mail?

By the way, I've been subscribed to your feed for a long time, but I don't recall commenting. Maybe a couple times...

See ya.

Dana Prince said...

Hey Jason,
I'm happy to share my experiences with anyone that asks. I've started writing about my journey on www.inspiredauthor.com too in the 'getting started' section. I made peanuts in the beginning but now that I have some experience under my belt, I'm getting better paying gigs. Any questions, feel free to ask!

I have no secrets, really although I won't give my clients names out, I will say that I have found a lot of my jobs on freelance writing boards, through referrals from other writers and through working with agencies for low paying jobs who now pay me better because I've proven I'm worth it ;)
Feel free to ask any questions via e-mail or on this blog :)

Jason Parker said...

Congrats. That's awesome. Makes me want to pick freelance writing back up. I used to get jobs as a freelance editor, but one bad experience with a "boss" really ticked me off... I also thought I was spending more time looking for jobs than actually working. Kind of sucked.

Dana Prince said...

One of the benefits I have is that I have a lot of repeat business. I work for two seo companies that give me daily or weekly assignments, a publisher that gives me a monthly quota, an agency that gives me a regular stream of work, a successful writing friend that gives me projects that are either overflow or that she thinks I'll be good at as well as a few other recurring gigs. My one off's are few and far between.

Some writers live off of rentacoder and getafreelancer but instead of bidding constantly, most of my work is repeat business.

Sorry you had a bad experience.