Monday, May 14, 2007

Trading Up

Trading up to better paying work can be tricky. I'm still relatively new to this game but know I don't want to be writing keyword fluff at .01/word forever. I decided a little while ago that I wanted to do more than write boring keyword articles, I want to enjoy my work like I did during the early honeymoon period last summer when I was so thrilled to have freelance writing work coming in that I didn't care what I wrote about.

I have a few regular gigs that are decent paying. I have a few clients that give me a combination of ok and not-so-great paying work and I'm constantly on the lookout for better, more interesting, more creative work.

Last week I had a good week. I earned a little more than $500 (CAD) for the week and had a pretty relaxing week while also having fun. Not bad considering I worked only about 75% of my usual schedule.

Sometimes when I hustle, I can earn more. Sometimes I hustle and earn less. It all depends on what's going on in terms of my home life and how much I can work as well as what's on my plate. I do know that I want more creative work more often and I'm working to make that a reality.

I have a few things in the pipeline that look promising and this week I find myself working on less than creative work again but I do know that I will continue to work to align myself with the right people so that I can progress. I also know I want to keep mentoring others as I learn.

When I consider the fact that a year ago I wanted to be a writer and today I'm published, I think about the potential possibilities for my writing life a year or two from now.

If you're finding yourself wanting to write, finding online work isn't hard.
If you're finding yourself writing boring stuff and wanting more, spend a little bit of time every day trying to increase your rate and increase your ability to enjoy your work. In a short time, it will pay off.

Do you want more work and not have enough? Align yourself with other writers. You might find that they are willing to share their sources for great clients and/or outsource some of their overflow to you.

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