Friday, May 11, 2007

Looking Back At My Pre-Writer Life

I sit here disheveled-looking in a bath robe with pajamas. My hair is in a sloppy pony tail and I have bare feet. It's before 9:am and I've already gotten some work done made breakfast for my little son and sent my older son off to school.

This morning I saw a glimpse of my old self. I had to send a potential client a resume and didn't have a formal writer's resume so tweaked my old professional one.

As I read through about my accomplishments and my strengths, I saw myself in a business suit, make up and high heals. I saw power lunches with my Fortune 100 clients and business associates and I also saw fun lunches with the people I worked with and after-work parties as well. I saw myself come home at the end of the day and drop the briefcase and flop on the sofa because I knew I could rest and rejuvenate.

Today the work seems to never end and putting make up on or doing my hair is an occasion. I briefly missed my old life.

I'm sure it was just a momentary lapse of reason.
As I sit here with my squirming tot on my lap while blogging, I'm relieved to not have to listen to a boss who likes the sound of their own voice. I'm relieved to not sit in traffic or dole out almost $200 a week to a daycare center and I'm happy to be able to have creative license over my own brain.

But just the same, I think I'll post this blog and go do my hair and make-up and dress up a little to resume my day. I think that'll make me feel a bit better. I think a nice outdoor walk is in order for the day too.

Dressing a certain way an change your frame of mind above and beyond what it does for your persona.

Do you agree?


BloggingWriter said...

I was lucky. Even in my last job I didn't have to dress up that much - academics are notoriously shabby and casual, in the UK at least.

Now, I really enjoy not having to make an effort, not having to commute further than the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I like the fact that my daughter can sit and draw while I work. I wouldn't change a thing - except the hours, which are almost as bad as when I had a full time job.

Dana Prince said...

yeah, I also went from working in a busy city in an office to working at home in the country so I think I am missing face-to-face interaction a little.

Now that the weather is nice, I'm sure I'll be taking advantage of being more sociable :)

New York Dude said...

Love your blog, which I just discovered. I'll be back. Two suggestions: 1) I clicked on some of your advertising. If I click again on your advertising whenever I visit you might get RICH just from my clicks ;-) I hope the clicking disease is catching among your fans. 2) Don't forget that you have a book if you collect your 'learning how to survive on the net' experiences.

Dana Prince said...

Thanks, NY Dude.. Happy to see new visitors who promise to come back :D

Heading over to visit your nook of the web now :)