Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yellow Dock, Mesothelioma and Jokes? Oh My.

Yeah, that's what's on the roster this week.
I'm so busy I shouldn't even be blogging but thanks to mybloglog, I now feel more responsible than ever seeing the faces of my readers stopping by and knowing that I have given them nothing new to look at.

I've worked hard this week so I deserve a 30 minute blogging break. Pretty bad that I consider blogging about writing to be a break from writing. LOL. That's me...the die-hard writer, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm happy to say that I am happier with work these days. I was feeling a bad case of writer's burnout because last month I wrote an 80,000 word keyword stuffed project about drugs and a 70,000 word project that was rather boring as well.

This month, my angelic mentor has rescued me by hiring me for some great work that's creative and new and I'm really enjoying it.

In the midst of all the fun work though, there are other clients that want me to write about depressing subjects like mesothelioma and liver detox herbs. They pay the bills too, though and keep me from turning too creative. Who knows, if I didn't have those assignments to keep me grounded, I might turn too artistic and who knows what would happen then? Maybe I'd do something radical like finish my novel or something.
Could you imagine?

Anyway (*L*) I'm happy to be feeling better about my work this week. The mesothelioma project is painfully depressing but mixing and mingling it with my fun joke project is keeping things a bit less than gloomy.



BloggingWriter said...

It's always good to have a break from the depressing or dull ones and do something creative, Dana. Having had a bash at creativity last week, I'm back on dull with a series of shorts on mortgages. As you say, these pay the bills.

Dana Prince said...

Yes, and the dull'ish ones are the ones that are turning me into a walking encyclopedia which I'm sure helps my creativity in the long run :)