Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Name is Dana and I am a Widget Junkie

Don't you just love widgets? I have a few I'm looking at and a few I already use. Going on a widget hunt for me is like a bit of feng shui for my blog. I play, I arrange things, I fiddle. I think I'm on design # 3 or #4 for this blog and I'm happy at the moment as long as I keep finding new widgets to display.

I found a widget the other day on wink that I'm in love with. I think it's the most useful one I've come across lately.

Here it is:

Don't you love it?
You can play with the colours and fonts (mine is just the standard)and you can change what people see on it by altering your wink profile.
I expect this one to be a permanent placement on this blog!


Julia Temlyn said...

I found wink a while back, and I like it, but for people viewing my blog with Internet Explore it makes the right sidebar on my blog drop below the posts. I use Firefox, which compensates for any coding issues, but IE doesn't. Unfortunately, since many still use IE, I have to leave it (Wink) off my template for now. It's a neat widget, though! I love trying new widgets.

Dana Prince said...

Down with IE!
Thanks for your comment :)