Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Uphill Battle, Round Two

I started my freelance writing career with a blog on I joined with Ad$en$e dollar signs in my eyes and no idea that I was about to learn skills and secrets that would help me make my wah dream come true.

Shortly after joining, the talk among the site members on Writingup turned negative. Writers on the site started shouting bloody murder about not earning $$ and / or about having their accounts banned. They felt that they were scammed. I knew it could take time and persevered. While I learned how to write for the ads I wanted and learned about the higher paying keywords as well as figured out how to write enough info to pique someone's curiousity but not so much that they didn't need to click, I started doing blogitive ads to monetize the blog further and started following around a few freelance writers so I could learn how they managed to find their dream job of writing for a living. Three months later I was making a full time living as a writer and that blog wasn't the main objective any longer.

It took me from April 06 to Feb 07 to hit that magical payout. That was from a combination of five or six blogs. In the meantime, I learned how to make money writing so I wasn't all that focused on that payout, just merely working a little each week to social network and write blogs I thought people might find interesting. In that time, I even wrote a Special K diet blog that was ahead of Kellogg's official Special K website on google rankings. (What a trip that was!) And also during that time I'd written tens of thousands of words that were all over the web that were earning me a full time income. I also made some real friendships with other writers.

Once february hit, I wondered how long it would take me to hit that magical google number for round two. Let's just say, I'm already there :D

I guess I've learned a little in this past year.

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BloggingWriter said...

Well done, Dana. I signed up with Adsense in summer 2005. I hit first payout in December 2006 (about a year after I started blogging). I hit second payout in April and I am half way to third payout. It's a trickle rather than a flood, but still useful. I've learned the same lessons you have.