Friday, April 3, 2009

Bukisa Passive Writing Income Payment Update: Payment Number Two

I have just received a payment from Bukisa for $12.10.

While I haven't been aggressively working on making money with Bukisa since my first month, they are demonstrating to me that they are a good source of passive income because I've done very little since my last payment two months ago to earn this money.

Bukisa Payment
Bukisa paid me $12.10 USD yesterday, bringing my total earnings so far up to $38.40. For the most part, the last $12.10 earned in 2 months was done without much effort. I do have 47 articles on there that have been there for nearly six months so I can say that this is mostly passive income that hasn't required much (if any) action from me after the initial posting.
If I were to put some regular effort into my Bukisa account, I'd probably see more results but what's also great is that because I have a large network, a bit of my income comes from the network instead of just my own content. Many of the people in my network have created accounts and never published anything but a few people in that network have a fair bit of articles in their profile.

If I take time to post more articles and do some linking, I'm sure I could bring more income in through this passive income source. Maybe I'll soon do another 30 day experiment in being aggressive with daily posting and regular linking strategies. I'll let you know!
Bukisa Improvements
What I do like is that the Bukisa folks have listened to members and are updating the site regularly with new features and improvements that they've been asked for. They're also very receptive to feedback when you contact them on social media channels. They've recently added a new Bukisa widget (see below) to help you get more traffic by displaying your articles in your sidebar on your blogs and Web 2.0 pages. They seem to be anxious to make their members happy. Case in point: their original payment amount threshold was $50.00. They've updated it to $10.
Bukisa's Payment Model

If you're interested in trying out Bukisa, here's a link into my network: here. You can post how-to articles and videos and earn for page impressions. For April 2009, the Bukisa index is 3.42 which means you'll earn $3.42 for every 1000 page impressions. That applies to your page impressions but you earn a fraction of the index for page impressions within your network down several tiers.
I should say that beyond getting page impression earnings I'm also seeing traffic come to various blogs through those links and that could mean Adsense earnings, writing jobs, and affiliate marketing sales for me.

I'll post another Bukisa update when I receive another payment.
Gotta love passive income!


Anonymous said...

Neat, I think I'll try this. Passive income isn't that bad, especially if you keep making money off articles each year.

wiwan said...

Wow...Congratulations!I got paid 75$..

Technoziac said...

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Athlyn @ Write and Earn a Living said...


Great looking blog!

I, too, have joined Bukisa and ma encouraged by the earnings after a couple of days. I also like passive income because you are paid over and over again.

Bukisa Tips said...

Yes, Bukisa is a great site to write for.

mfbz78 said...

I have using Bukisa about 5 month and after my account earning 28 dollar, Bukisa disable my account. Should be this month i will get my fist payment from Bukisa, but the disable my account without any reason. BUKISA is SCAM!!!

Dana Prince said...

Did they say why?
I've had 3 or 4 payments from them so far and know others being paid too so I wouldn't say Bukisa is a scam. Have you contacted them?