Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bukisa Update: First Payment Surprise

I haven't spent much time on Bukisa since I initially started The Bukisa Experiment and earlier today was alerted that the Bukisa index was lowered to 3.65 for February.

Dropping Bukisa Index?

First it was 4.0 (I believe), then 3.95 and now 3.65. Is this a problem? This doesn't really concern me because I know a new site has to attract members at first and then may need to scale back their payout levels awaiting their own payments through revenue sources. I'm hopeful that as the site continues to grow, the index will climb up OR that there will be enough traffic that the existing index payment rates will be worthwhile. I'd also love it if they incented further based on actual revenue. Hopefully that is going to eventually be the case.

I didn't think I'd hit payout this month and heard that the person that signed me up has just hit her first payout so I decided that in February I'd kick my efforts up a notch. But, this morning I got an e-mail from Bukisa support who wanted to pay me early if I was interested because I was already close to the payout level. Talk about a nice surprise!

An early payout is pretty rare and this further demonstrates the great personalized service I've been raving about regarding this site so of course I agreed. This is a good call by this company to keep people interested and hype up people like myself who started out strong but have let Bukisa slide to the back burner. If site members feel it's nearly impossible to reach payout, they won't bother and if they only move along slowly, they'll quickly lose interest. When people reach payout sooner than anticipated, they'll most often get right back at their efforts so they can reach payout again so this was a very good call by Bukisa.

If you haven't yet joined, I'd be pleased to have you as part of my network. Click here to join. It doesn't cost you any of your earnings to join under someone. My % comes out of Bukisa's end, not yours. And then the more people you recruit, the more money you make.

P.S.: I regularly browse through articles in my network and give them social bookmarking love :)

Bukisa: More than spare change...

This site is bringing me some cash with my articles, yes, but it's also bringing me a good deal of page views on my various blogs according to my site statistics so those page views are bringing me Bukisa earnings, and when they click one of my links and get onto my own sites they bring me potential earnings through Google Adsense on my other sites as well as my other affiliate programs. There's also the backlink value from an SEO perspective and as the author of more than a dozen blogs, I LOVE backlinks.

Are you making money on Bukisa yet? Beyond the eHow writer compensation program and Bukisa, what other pay per page view writing programs have you found lucrative?


Maria said...

I'm receiving the early payout as well, though I reached the $50 minimum before the end of January.
I agree that Bukisa offers personalized, attentive service when there are support questions.
I'm bummed that the index was lowered. Again, I believe it's b/c people are socially promoting their articles to get the page views, although as we know social network traffic usually doesn't pay that well. Ah well, here's hoping it will balance out over time and go back up.

Dana Prince said...

Hi Maria.
Thanks for popping by :)

Actually,I do believe that social marketing with articles can be helpful. I've seen that the right categorization and promoting can bring conversions as well as page views. I'm not talking paid traffic sources, I mean the right kind of tagging and pinging has helped me. I try to do a mixture of SEO and targeted social marketing when I do any article promotion and have seen a positive outcome on many of my sites because of it.

Sharon said...

Just signed up under your link - any tips on hitting the ground running? Do they require original content?

Dana Prince said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for the signup :)
Hope you see some results! I was doing great when I was writing an article every day. I always did at least one social bookmark on each article and linked a few articles from other places. I made a bit of money from my network as well so I suggest trying to get your blog subscribers to it too. I'm sure my blog updates helped as well.

Dana Prince said...

P.S. Sharon, the Bukisa site lets you put links in the articles as well as a bio box so you can use it for some self-promotion (which you taught me a lot about in my early days!)

Sharon said...

Thanks for the tip, Dana. Just uploaded my first article and posted it to my FB profile. I have about 40 articles on EzineArticles which I can freshen up and post on Bukisa, so I'll try for one a day and see what happens.

Dana Prince said...

Sounds like a great strategy. That's what I did my first month. I tweaked some articles I had on blogs and directories that I thought would work well and it did.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all the info on Bukisa. Do you mind sharing how many articles you had in order to earn what you did? I'm just curious about what kind of earnings to expect.

Dana Prince said...

Hi Holli,
I think I have about 45 articles on the site. At 5 months I'm up to $40 earned total (including the payout of $26 I earned already.) I'm not sure how that compares to other similar sites since I'm not yet in the ehow wcp. (I've heard they may open up the borders at some stage though so I'm hopeful)

earnword said...

wow. congratulation. I hope i also will manage to earn like you. Its hard. But i gonna try my best. :)