Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bukisa Experiment

Yesterday I joined Bukisa. It's a site with a writer's compensation program that is a bit like eHow. This site is like a combination of an article directory and a revenue sharing article site because there don't seem to be any restrictions about inserting your own self-serving links. So, I'm going to use this site to:

-SEOize my other sites
-Do bum marketing
-See if I can generate some cash.

On day 1, I put in about a dozen articles on various subjects. These articles all already exist in some way/shape/form online already so it required just a few tweaks per article. After creating the articles I did one social thing per article (stumble, buzz, mixx, reddit, onlywire, etc). My overnight results were $0.21.

Doesn't sound like a lot but that's just one night and not only are the articles going to keep bringing money but they'll bring me valuable links to my online sites, too.

This month's Bukisa index is 4.20 which means I'll earn $4.20 monthly for 1000 page views. The site's index could change month by month. On December 9(ish) I plan to come back and report how much I've earned while making an effort to post at least 5 articles a week.

Another great thing about Bukisa is that you can earn 25% revenue for everyone you refer to the site. They have referrals 2 tiers down so while I'm not sure of the %, you have the ability to earn decent commissions through your network.

So far I love the look of the site and it's owned by the same folks that own ArticlesBase which is one of my favourite directories for articles because they've got great support and lightning fast approval times. Back in a month to report on my progress.

If you decide to join, feel free to friend me under username Dana.

Happy Writing!


Maria said...

Dana, we'll be doing the experiment together. I don't know If I'll get as much content up this month as you're planning since I have a high eHow goal as well, but I will be making the effort. I look forward to your update!

Dana Prince said...

Hey Maria,
I'm so jealous of you for getting to participate in eHow :( Ah well, maybe some day.

Maria said...

Dana, I really hope eHow opens up to our Canadian friends down the road!

Dana Prince said...

me too, Maria :)

Dana Prince said...

At 7 days I'm at $3.96
Last night my earnings doubled. I now have 3 people in my network but only earned $0.01 so most of those earnings seem to be from my articles. I did e-mail support though, yesterday because my earnings on my main Bukisa page say one thing and the inner system results are slightly different.