Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where Do Writer Wannabes Start?

I started writing on this blog a few years ago with basic 'getting started' in writing advice. I also write for the audience of new writers at www.inspiredauthor.com in the Getting Started section. Because I've evolved, these days the posts are often catered to people who have already gotten their feet wet with freelancing. Because a lot of traffic to this blog lately has involved queries that new writers would have and because my Work at Home blog site had a direct question on how to get started as a writer this morning, I've cobbled together a quick post giving those who want to get into freelance writing a few tips to get started.

Today's post is for new writers and if you've come here as a regular reader who's not quite a newbie (or is a seasoned pro) and would like to add anything to the tips as well as resource URL's I invite you to stop by and comment.

I remember how helpful it was for me in my early days to read mentoring blogs for writers and get such valuable free information. It was through that information that I got started so I firmly believe in paying it forward.

Stop by: How Do You Get Started As A Freelance Writer?

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Kate said...

Thanks a lot for this. There was too much information overload on the web for people such as myself who want to get started on the freelancing path. This was very helpful. I'm looking for some mentoring myself and I'm glad I stumbled upon this blog. :)

Dana Prince said...

Thanks Kate for stopping by to comment. Best of luck on your writer's journey. It's easy to get started when you find the right mentor. It's hard work but very rewarding. I was very lucky when I got started that I found a lot of helpful advice. I hope my advice helps you get your feet wet and that you find being a writer a very rewarding and lucrative gig!