Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blogstalking: Are You A Stalker?

Blogstalking can be a fun sport. Not the bloodsport it sounds like but it's a sport nonetheless. What it means to me is that because I can't wait for new posts from particular blogs either because they inspire me, teach me something or entertain me I'm regularly visiting that URL to see what's new (and pout when there's nothing new to see).

Here are some blogs I regularly stalk. I don't even necessarily subscribe to these blogs because it's not necessary...I never forget to check them. Subscribing would mean that I wait for an e-mail notification but for those I stalk, it's not necessary because I'm on their blog nearly daily to see if there's something new. I also tend to follow every Tweet or Plurk of theirs as well to see what they have to say and what interests them.

Are you ready to reveal to your prey that, "Hey, I'm watching your every move"? You could make their day! (Or, give them the creeps.) If so, participate by kindly linking to my post here if you're so inclined and then start
your own where you link your favourite blogs. If they have pingbacks, they'll find out automatically.

In a week or so I'll make a post with all the posts that have linked and do a post linking participant's blogs and all the blogs that may consider filing for restraining orders. I'm betting there will be some new prey for readers to stalk. Don't be possessive, now. Share!

My Current Prey:

Sharon Hurley Hall: Sharon was one of my original mentors and is a great friend.

Naomi Dunford: Naomi is a fountain of wisdom (and expletives!) and she totally cracks me up. And, the commentary that happens on her blogs is almost as entertaining as the blog entries themselves.

Matthew Bredel: Matt knows I'm stalking him. We're co-authoring a book together and by reading his blogs I get to stay in sync which helps when I work on our collaborations. He's always busy in cyberspace and his entries are interesting and often entertaining with a combo of text and video blogs.

Freelance Writing Jobs: This is a great writer's site. I'm not hunting for jobs often these days as a lot of clients are repeats and I have some finding me on my business site but the discussions and advice on this blog are fantastic. I visit at least several times a week to see what's been happening.

My 'starting' to stalk list includes:

- by Amy Derby
- Rogue Ink by Tei


Very soon I'll be constantly following Ashwin. He's thinking of starting a traveling freelancer writer blog and I think that's a brilliant idea so I've suggested he do a vlog of his travels. Really looking forward to that one!

Comment soon with links to your posts. I'm looking forward to stalking your mentors!


Sharon Hurley Hall said...

I don't mind being on the list of prey, Dana. I enjoy your blog too. I'll have a think about who else I stalk and post a list.

Ashwin said...


I am a Stalker too and you are on my everyday morning coffee time browsing list...:-)

Thanks fr the link love, I owe you those videos...and much more.

Jen Brister said...

Ok, you caught me! I'm stalking you!

Dana Prince said...

LOL @ Jen Brister.

Candace Morehouse said...

I love finding unusual blogs to stalk. One of my faves is "My Strange New Mexico". The author gave me a reciprocal link and he lists me as "New Mexico Romance Novels?!" Oh well, I'm not complaining.