Sunday, August 31, 2008

Book Review: The Secret World of Ghostwriters

The book, “Secret World of Ghostwriters: And How to Work With One” by Julie-Ann Amos is more than just a glimpse into the mysterious realm of ghostwriting. This comprehensive resource is a great read for those who write for a living, those who need help with their writing as well as those who might be in need of finding a writer for various works such as ghostwriting, ghostblogging, writing press releases and other written copywriting work as well.

This book explores many aspects of the relationship with a ghostwriter including ethics, agreements, writing service fees, legal issues, ways to choose the right person to work with, guidelines on giving direction and feedback so that a writer can match your desired tone as well as the mysteries that surround knowing exactly how to deal with a relationship that is not working out.

The book also looks at a great number of benefits that can be provided in the author or buyer – ghostwriter relationship that might surprise and inspire readers of the book.

The great thing about the Secret World of Ghostwriters: And How to Work With One is that it provides more than vague guidelines about the topics. It tells you exactly how to wade your way throughout the process so that you can get your desired results. It gives real advice that tells readers how to deal with very specific issues that would be of concern to someone planning to work with a ghostwriter and it provides the reader with clearly laid out options that can ease the pain of managing the relationship from start to finish so that the desired outcome can be achieved painlessly.

Even if you already buy writing services for hire for your business or for your own writing projects you could benefit from reading this book.

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