Monday, April 14, 2008

Blogger Appreciation Day

On where I spend far too much time, a post turned up about Blogger Appreciation Day. It was started by Darren Rowse and although I haven't yet read the original blog post on it, I happened to stumble on Lost in the Words where Shannon named me as a blogger she appreciates. Thank you so much, Shannan! I'm touched and your blog has become one of my regular stops!

I have many blogs that add to my day and help me as a writer and that I appreciate but the top two bloggers who have positively impacted my career the most are Sharon Hurley Hall and Suzanne James.

I started blog stalking both these women at in March of 2006 because of their eye catching post titles on the first page of the long gone community. Advice from these two women helped me launch my own career as a writer.

Sharon gave me leads through her blog in the early days that got me hired doing paid blogging, working for LifeTips, gave me a lead that got me hired by a writing agency that has paid me for two years and who now employs me as a team leader and I've worked many times on Sharon's team directly where she has paid me to write and given me mentoring. I'm happy to say that Sharon and I have become really good friends and she's someone I admire, respect and really like.

Suzanne has also done a huge amount for me personally. I have written for her magazine and got my first clip in Novel Writer Magazine. I'm also a topic editor at Inspired Author, one of Suz's many online homes. Through Suz, aka Gracepub, I've learned a huge amount of knowledge about blogging, about SEO and about writing in general. Suzanne mentors writers and has spent huge amounts of time and effort helping to launch many freelance writing and novel writing careers. The information and time Suz has spent on me has helped me become better at what I do. She's spent countless hours on MSN with me over the last two years helping me in many ways.

Thanks to you both for treating me like a little sister, taking me under your wings and for helping me launch my writing career.

Hugs to you both!



Sharon Hurley Hall said...

Awww! The feeling's mutual, Dana. Hugs :)

gracepub said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Thank you, but you've always had that 'spark.' You just needed a little info to ignite your inspiration

WHAM! - It says it all said...

You've always had that spark, you just needed a little knowledge to ignite your inspiration