Sunday, December 9, 2007

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This is just a quick blog post this weekend to plug my friend and mentor Sharon's free writer's newsletter. I've done some guest articles for her in the past and been a subscriber since almost the beginning and just wanted to say that if you want to be fed some great writer tips directly to your inbox on a monthly basis, Sharon's newsletter offers a great mix of articles and tips on freelance writing success. Sometimes she tells you how to overcome an obstacle, other times she prints interesting articles she's found and she often addresses issues that face freelance writers and those who want to break into the business need to know.

Visit and sign up from the main page.

Last month's issue #21 included the following:
-Keeping Fresh as a Freelance Writer
-Three Ways To Improve Your Time Management
-Five Ways To Kill Your Blog
-Who Owns My Writing?
-Ghostwriting Ethics: Do You Have Any?
-Diary Of A Working Writer December 2007

Sign up & you won't regret it!

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BloggingWriter said...

Thanks for the plug, Dana. I've already had 4 new subscribers because of it. :)