Thursday, December 6, 2007

Are You Ignoring The Power of The Meta Description?

Are you taking the time to really write those meta tags well? I wrote an article on my Customer Connections blog just now to help my clients and prospective clients learn about the importance of the meta description. I'm sharing it with you here as well because this is something that you can leverage in your writing career to become a better writer and make the most of your self promotion efforts too.

Plenty of clients will ask you to write these as part of your article writing assignments for them but if you don't see the importance of writing them well, you are selling your clients short as well as taking a wee little bit away from your presentation skills when you hand in finished work.


What makes a great meta tag? A great meta tag tells people in twenty or so words why they should click on your link. It should tell them what they will find. If that tag or description convinces them that they will find the information they want by clicking your link, they will click it.

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