Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dana's Daily Writing and WAH Related Stops

Beyond my own daily workload, blogging and self-promotion habits I also have some things I do most everyday online. Some of it is fun, some of it is addiction and some helps me with my writing, networking and earning.

Here’s a list of my daily stops. Sometimes I stop in once, sometimes it’s quite often. Sometimes it’s just a little too often. Occasionally I miss a few of these steps when I'm extra busy and this list does evolve from time to time depending on my focus.

-Google Adsense to check my earnings
-Mybloglog stats to see who is visiting my blogx and how they got there.
-Login to CJ to see $0.00. I’ve only been doing it a while and haven’t done much work on it yet but would love to see a few pennies.
-Visit my favourite forums. Usually: WAHM, Absolute Write, Warrior Forums, Digital Point, Inspired Author, Novel-Writer (yikes, I visit way too many forums but I mod on two of them so that’s a must). Forums are definitely worthwhile for networking business wise and socially plus it’s great for self-promotion and for seo efforts on my websites and blogs.
- Visit Inspired Author, Communati and WriteNiche since I post on all of those sites.
-Check Technorati rankings and to see who on my list has posted new posts and check out my rankings.
-Stop by my blogs and visit people who have visited me through mybloglog or blogcatalog.
-Facebook. Drop in to see what everyone in family and friends circle are doing. I do FB under my married name so you won’t find me there. Been thinking about setting up a writing profile though. Not sure I will bother since my MySpace profile didn’t do much for me other than set me up with new spammer friends who want me to do wah surveys and such.
-I try to also do a bit of stumbling on StumbleUpon. By stumbling I find interesting sites and believe I’m helping my rankings as a member since I do more than just stumble my own pages.
-Check the classifieds for new writing gigs (not so much these days as my plate is pretty full)

I also have a list of several writing resources and blogs that I visit sporadically. My habits do vary depending on my workload and sometimes I add a new stop or drop the occasional one that doesn't apply to me. I'm sure my new habits will also have to do with my new freelance writing website too.

What are your daily stops?


Tammi said...


You are definitely on the move:) Forums are wonderful resources, especially for those of us who learn through example.

The new site looks fantastic! Have a prolific week:)

Dana Prince said...

What a great statement.."Have a prolific week:)"
Thanks, Tammi. You too!!

suewrite said...

Hi Dana,

you certainly do a lot of visiting every day. I find that half an hour or so surfing around and making comments is about as much as I can fit in every day. I visited your website by the way it's looking good. My own site is now just about live.