Thursday, November 22, 2007

Customer Connections Blog

Life is good. My new website is coming along nicely (although I'm still battling a few small details) and I started a new blog. I've called it Customer Connections and it lives on my new writing website.

Many of my blogs are written for my peers such as:
this blog, Inspired Author and Momphabet Soup at writeniche. Communati is more of a social place for me and then there are my health and cooking blogs which I write because I'm passionate about both subjects. For Customer Connections, I hope to provide valuable information to my clients and at the same time establish myself as a subject matter expert to make hiring me an even more attractive proposition

Please stop by if you can and I'd love some link love. If you do give me any, feel free to tell me so here and I'll be sure to visit your linked blog or website and return the favour.


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