Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Get Paid To Link

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online jobs you can get into but it requires a lot of time and effort and can be a significant time investment before it bears any fruit. There are many programs you can sign up as an affiliate under and you can post the ads on your website, on your blog and in your signature line as you visit forums and blogs.

Some programs you can join up directly with and others are managed by a company such as Clickbank or Commission Junction. Many online entrepreneurs earn quite a lot of money through these programs. Here are a few tips:

-Don't spam anyone. You won't get very far
-Be strategic about your ads. Put related ads on your website. Put related and relevant ads on your site.
-Use individual blog posts as well as your main blog to advertise specific links and banners for extra exposure and especially when you have a great related product
-Write just enough information to get people interested enough to click to find out more. Let the advertiser sell the product instead of writing a sales pitch.
-Don't over invest in PPC before you are getting enough traffic to warrant it.
-Visit related websites for marketing and layout ideas *but don't be a copycat!
-Don't overdo it with the ads otherwise you'll make your visitors uneasy. People don't like to be bombarded with pop-ups and eye straining ads.
-Rotate your ads regularly so regular visitors don't zglaze over out of seeing the same things every time.
-If you use Google Adsense, be careful of the ads you also place on your blog or website. Be cautious you aren't breaking the Adsense TOS by advertising things such as gambling or pornography.

There are loads of ways to make money online. As a writer, I make most of mine through writing but have had some success with affiliate marketing as well. Because I have several blogs, I do use several programs on each one that seems to be related to each blog's niche. My health blog has diet sites, vitamins and gym equipment ads. My writing blog offers work at home, writing and employment ads and I've recently started a cooking blog that I'm looking at related gourmet kitchen equipment ads for. I know there are website built for affiliate marketing alone that earn the website owners a significant amount of income!

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Margie said...

I'm just learning about Affiliated Marketing. Thanks for all the great advice!