Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some Fave Writing Spots

Here are places I tend to visit every day that help me with my writing career:

Get Paid To Write Online, hosted by writing mentor Sharon Hurley Hall.Sharon also does a Writing Lab newsletter. Subscribe & you won't be sorry.

Inspired Author, owned by Suzanne James and contributed to by myself, Sharon Hurley Hall, Nikki Leigh, Donna Sundblad, Sue Jeffels and some other writers who share information about writing.

Work At Home Mom. Visit the "Moms Who Write" section. This is a great resource for industry information, leads and to chit chat with other writing Moms and professionals.

Communati is a community of bloggers who met at but now the site is growing above and beyond that. It's a great environment to write and be read at.

Writer's Weekly. Angela Hoy runs this website, forum and a useful newsletter with loads of helpful information about POD writing, jobs for freelancers, her "Whispers and Warnings" section that helps you find out who might be trying to swindle writers and useful articles.

To become a professional writer when you are alone in your home office, can leave you feeling isolated. Visit these sources and communicate with other writers and you'll be among friends, learn a lot and find that those connections will help you with your writing career!


Lillie Ammann said...

Good resources, Dana. You inspired me to write my own list of favorite blogs for writers, and you're on it.

Jeanne said...


Thanks so much for this list of writing sites! I can hardly wait to check them out!

Jeanne Dininni

Dana Prince said...

Thanks so much, Lillie!!

Thanks for stopping by Jeanne :)