Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ABC's, A Rhetorical Meme

I haven't done a meme in a while and this one doesn't require me to tag anyone so no one will get annoyed with me (lol)
I found this on the Freelance Writer's Exchange

Play along and give me some link love if you feel so inclined:

Accent: Not really. I'm Canadian and think I'm kind of accentless. I do, however, do a great English accent on karaoke when I've had a few drinks.

Booze: Speaking of which, lol, I don't consider myself much of a drinker as I won't be tipsy at all around my kids but our annual girl's weekend does end up with plenty of drunken English accented karaoke

Chore I Hate: cleaning the fridge out after I've neglected leftovers in there for a bit. (((shivvver)))

Dog or Cat: Dog: Mr Marley Mauve, my beloved golden retriever. He's almost 12, totally deaf now and sheds his fur all over the house but I love him so much I've created an Internet alias for him so he'll live on forever in cyberspace.

Essential Electronics: Is my CHI hair iron an electronic? lol. My computer is right up there and my coffee maker must qualify as well.

Favorite Cologne: I like scented lotions better. Lovespell by Victoria's Secret is probably my signature scent except recently my mother in law bought some on a ladies shopping trip for me and now all her friends smell like me too :\

Gold or Silver: Both. I love them both but wear gold jewelry to match my wedding rings.

Hometown: Toronto, eh.

Insomnia: NOPE

Job Title: freelance writing mom

Kids: two if you don't count my Mr. and my & Mr. Marley Mauve

Living arrangements: I live in a house on a lake in the kawarthas with my husband and two kids & Mr. Mauve. My inlaws live in an in-law suite downstairs in the winter

Most admirable traits: generous and caring I guess. shrug.

Number of sexual partners: um, hello? NOT publishing that online.

Overnight hospital stays: pregnancy related only

Phobias: heights, snakes and not real crazy about clowns either.

Quote: I have several that I've written and several that I refer to. My current favourite is by Yoda and it's "Do or do not. There is no try."

Religion: born again Christian

Siblings: Eldest of 7

Time I wake up: Usually around 7:30-8

Unusual talent or skill: singing karaoke with an english accent, lol.

Vegetable I love: broccoli

Worst habit: procrastination & self loathing

X-rays: dental & once bonked my head in gym class trying to do a dismount from teh balance beam that I had no spotter for and had absolutely NO skills to even attempt. Don't know what I was thinking. It looked easy on the olympics on tv.

Yummy foods I make: I'm a good cook, I have lots of specialties. I'm thinking about writing a cookbook later this year.

Zodiac sign: pisces.

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