Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I AM Worth My Rates

Gee, I am worth the money I charge :) Probably even more in many cases.

Last week I decided to do the sacred heart cleanse. I didn’t finish the diet. If you want to read the postmortem, you can stop by my other blog to read about the shameful failure but anyway, here's how I found out that I am a pretty darn good seo writer.

I needed some information about ways to change up the soup recipe and so I decided to search for information. I came upon an article that I wrote for a very popular how to site. My name isn’t on it and due to a non disclosure agreement so I can’t tell you the site name but it got me thinking, “Gee I’m worth the money they paid me for that & more, “ LOL. It even took me a moment to remember I had actually written it.

That’s the second time I’ve gone searching for information and by fluke found something I sold to someone. I guess I’m not too shabby at my job.

It’s fun to find our name in print or find out that others are reading our work. I love looking at my google adsense stats and my mybloglog stats to see how people are finding me and what search terms are working.

Sometimes I also go searching for old work that I’ve done to see how it’s faring in the search engines and how it looks on the websites it was designed for. Although I can only admire it from afar since I’ve sold it, I know I have an endless supply of words in me so it’s worthwhile to see why some of my customers come back for repeat business.


sfgirl said...

Howdy, Dana (fellow Canadian)! I freelance write too, non-fiction articles as well as fiction short stories and novels (my latest is coming out this fall; check out my blog, The Alien Next Door). You have some neat things to say here. I'll have to stop by again.

Dana Prince said...

Thanks for stopping by SFGirl..good luck with your new novel. I'll be sure to check out your blog.