Thursday, June 7, 2007

Helping Wronged Writers

I wanted to direct you to Sharon Hurley Hall's blog for some refreshing news for writers.

Someone tried to scam Sharon by not paying for a job a while ago and Sharon took advice from some of us who read Angela Hoy's newsletter . Angela's newsletter is a great read with jobs, publishing information, personal stories and the Whispers & Warnings section. Angela helps writers who have been wronged and gives scammers their just desserts...bad publicity.

Angela helped Sharon recoup her money and showed a scammer that sooner or later, someone will call you out!

Don't roll over and play dead and cut your losses if you are scammed in the writing biz. Always try to recognize whether a deal seems solid up front and don't be afraid to protect yourself with retainers and contracts to minimize your exposure. If someone does mess you about, do something about it.

Anyone got a good story relating to someone trying to rip you off?
Please share.


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BloggingWriter said...

Great advice, Dana. Angela does a great service to writers in rousting out the scammers.

My scam antenna are usually pretty good - this guy was very plausible, though. I'm glad I listened to your advice and got in touch with Angela.