Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Famines & Feasts In Freelance Writing

This is a quirky business. I go from being unable to breathe with cramps in my wrists to watching my e-mail inbox with bated breath.

It's times like this, writers should put to good use. Instead of loafing on the sofa when you get a breather in freelance writing, take the down time and do:

-self promotion
-and most of all, write.

Work on your novel or your e-book or journal.

I have a client that I can write endless amounts for right now but they take forever to pay so I find myself not wanting to invest that time just writing articles. Instead it feels more lucrative for me to do some of the things I don't normally get to do like work on my novel.

In a day it can be a freelancer's feast again and I can be so stuffed with work that my own stuff will be pushed aside again so best take advantage and write.


BloggingWriter said...

Yes, you're right, Dana. Take advantage of the time while you can :)

Dana Prince said...

Yes, now if only I didn't have the dreaded block (with respect to my novel. ) lol