Monday, June 25, 2007

Get Paid To Write Online

I often post about writer tools. Here's some link love that's well deserved and that you won't be disappointed in, if you follow my advice.

Sharon Hurley Hall has just moved her blog to its own home...something I might do if the lady who has my preferred dotcom lets it slide next year when it expires...

Sharon's new digs look awesome and her blog is a must read for any freelance writer or wannabe freelance writer. Sharon is someone I've followed around like a little shadow for the past year and who has been kind enough to not only mentor me through her blogs but on a one to one level as well. It's through Sharon that I found many of my sources of work and I also regularly look to her for guidance. We share clients, we collaborate on other projects and I also work for her on a regular basis.

Once you blogroll or bookmark her, be sure to subscribe to her free monthly Writing Lab newsletter as well for some great tips.

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Anonymous said...

your site looks good to me. I just started one and it doesn't even compare to yours