Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Value Of A Mentor In Writing & Link Love

As a writer, I have had a few key mentors in the last year who have helped me substantially.

Today I want to give some link love to Suzanne James. I've also written about Suzanne and her many projects,some of which create writer communities and pool writer knowledge, talents and skills to create great websites like inspiredauthor.com and inspired author blogs

Suzanne has been a great mentor to me and has recently released a book here .

If you want to take advantage of her sharing nature, she hosts a weekly writer's chat on friday nights at 7:pm EST in the chat room at www.inspiredauthor.com.

If you're new to writing, align with a mentor asap to help you. My mentors have helped me avoid a few mistakes, been there for me when I didn't avoid them and have given some great wisdom.


Alex said...

she seems like a very nice person

BloggingWriter said...

Let's hear it for Suzanne James. I agree with everything you say about her, Dana. She's been a great mentor to me, too.

Katherine Huether said...

I agree with you as well about Suzanne James. This was a nice post. I may follow your lead at some point.