Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Getting That Mojo To Flow

WU 2/17/07
This morning I awoke anxious to write. I have a busy schedule today because of 2 looming deadlines and I decided I want to have fun at writing today.

Last weekend my looming deadlines weren't fun because I overbooked myself. Today, I want to zip/zoom through the work and enjoy it. I've decided to look at it as a challenge instead of a task.
How do you get yourself to get up and go when you feel drained?

I find that a few things help me get motivated:
-read a few blogs that you enjoy, especially one about writing success to help you feel ambition
-read something fun and light to help the right brain to kick in
-Clean your work area. If I want my mind uncluttered sometimes my space needs decluttering too
I've started putting plants on my desk and try to keep my desk as tidy as possible.I'm by a drafty window so I also have a favourite throw here to drape over my shoulders. And, a hot cup of coffee gets me going too.

I'm not sure if I'll get all I want accomplished today but I've decided to have fun with what I do get done. Sometimes if I feel like my writing is getting stale half way through an assignment, I rejuvenate myself by:
-pulling out the thesaurus once per page and finding a new word to use in place of one of my regularly overused words
-talk as I write. Sometimes if I talk the words I type, the words flow out like liquid silk
-pretend someone is reading over my shoulder and decide I want to wow them with my flair

Some times we have to trick ourselves to release the muse. I like one of Natalie Goldberg's pieces of advice in Writing Down the Bones, she tells you to write about your favourite foods. That typically heightens your senses and helps you with descriptive writing. If need be for me on this blustery winter day today, my topic of choice shall be to enter summer in my mind's eye and envision a summery fruit flan with gorgeous, glossy colour and luscious mounds of whipped cream.

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