Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The New Kindle 2 - Will The E-Book Business Boom?

I'm drooling over the new Kindle 2 for two reasons.....

Some impressive Kindle 2 features:

-Wireless access to the Kindle store to buy titles (no wireless fees or worrying about finding WiFi) electronically
-Kindle can use text to speech functions to read text to you if you want
-Holds up to 1,500 titles
-Crisp text makes it as easy to read as a page, even in the sun
-Weight of just over ten ounces
-You only need to charge about every 2 weeks so this sounds great for vacations
-You can subscribe to newspapers, magazines, and blogs to be delivered to the Kindle
-Free access to

Could The Kindle 2 Help My Writing Career?

Not only do I want a Kindle 2 for myself (psssst......if anyone would like to send me a free one, I'll happily review it!) but I think it is going to further my writing career.

When I first saw the first Kindle I never thought I'd want to read a book without feeling the paper between my fingers but after doing so much reading online for several years as a freelance writer, I can say I WANT a Kindle 2.

Beyond the fact that it is something that'd be great for me to have, the Wireless Reading Device could open up plenty of ebook opportunities. Hopefully this electronic book reading device will become as popular a device as an iPod or Blackberry (or maybe those devices will merge with something like a Kindle in future generations) and the e-book writers of cyberspace can look forward to even more opportunities to profit from our writing.

Sounds like a good deal to me!


WordVixen said...

I'm with you! I'd happily take one if given to me, or even buy it for $50. But not for the price they're charging. I could get almost every book on my wishlist for the price of a K2!

Dana Prince said...

Yeah, Lori. I think maybe in the next generation or two it'll be more affordable. Or, there will be kindle-like features on PDA's. I'd still take a free one though :)