Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Bukisa Experiment Update

As promised a month ago, here's my 1 month update of how much money I'm earning on Bukisa. After a month of putting in articles, doing a bit of social networking and not all that much effort, my Bukisa earnings are at just over $20.00.

The Bukisa Index

Last month Bukisa had an index of 4.20 which meant you got $4.20 for every 1000 page views. This month the Bukisa index is 3.95. I'm a bit surprised it went down based on a lot of content and activity but perhaps the site owners decided to pay higher in the first month to attract people's attention. Whatever the case may be I'm definitely going to keep at it.

Bukisa Network

So far, only 1 person in my network has been doing any articles but I have recently accumulated several new members in my network so I'm hopeful that I'll start seeing the earnings get higher. I should also say that I know a lot of people make hundreds of dollars a month on eHow.com and in their beginning months start with mere pennies only so this first month is giving me a great feeling about the potential of Bukisa.

Site Updates

I do know the site owners have plans for upgrades and have been very accessible and receptive to users. I do hope that system abuse doesn't cause them to have to change the pricing model too drastically because I know with systems like these there is bound to be some abuse.

Bukisa: Passive Income Writing How-To Artices

Anyway, if you're interested, join Bukisa with this link and be in my network. I'd make 20% of your earnings but this doesn't cost you a penny because the revenue sharing comes from Bukisa's end; not yours. And, everyone you refer makes you money and then everyone your referrals refer will make you money, too! In fact, they'll make me money as well because this the site pays referrals for several levels. They also offer revenue sharing on videos as well.

Link Bonus

I am also getting some nice traffic from my Bukisa articles to my linked sites and am not entirely sure but might have even made an affiliate sale as a result which makes it all the more attractive.

My Review On Bukisa's Earning Potential

My thoughts a month in are definitely a thumbs up!


jen brister said...

Good job! I'm working on posting more articles there.

Sharon said...

I was waiting for an update on this; it looks like it's worth pursuing, Dana. Thanks for sharing this with us. If I do join, it will be as part of your network.

Dana Prince said...

Thanks, Sharon. I'd be quite happy to have you join my network with all your seo and networking savvy :)

eHow Writer said...

I think I made around $1.50 after one month on Bukisa. I tend to focus more on eHow. Perhaps I should add some effort to Bukisa in the coming months.

Dana Prince said...

Hi eHow Writer.
I agree. While eHow is proven as a great revenue earner, Bukisa definitely looks promising. I know the eHow WCP had a lot of naysayers in the beginning and a lot of those people who gave it a chance are now earning some great money from it.

Danielle McGaw said...

I joined under you Dana but how do I find you so I can add you as a friend???

Dana Prince said...

Hi Danielle,
I don't see you in my network. But I did find you there and if you click on someone's name you'll go to their profile and can add them as a friend in that spot.
It does say in that spot that you've added me as your friend.
Thanks :)

Danielle said...

Thanks Dana,
I got it figured out. Strange that I didn't get added to your network. Maybe because I clicked around first before I signed up? But that's really weird anyway.

I'm liking it so far though. :)

Maria said...

Dana, way to go! I think Bukisa has great potential. However, I found that there is a discrepancy between my earnings as totaled by the site on My Earnings section compared to when I add up all the earnings from my network, and my own, manually. Adding up each of my network earnings gives me a larger amount by about $10. I have an email in to support but no answer yet. Curious if anyone else has seen a similar thing?

Dana Prince said...

Hi Danielle, I had them manually add you into my network. I saw that someone who joined under me was actually publishing articles and I really wanted you in my network!

I haven't done much this month but plan to try to resume an article a day in Jan.

Dana Prince said...

Hi Maria
I haven't looked very closely at those #'s but will take a look and see if it all looks like it adds up.

Philip Yana said...

I'm trying Bukisa partly thanks to your recommendation. (I won't be in your network though because already had the referral cookie from someone else after an earlier visit there.)

Only a couple of days results so far, and it's the week of Christmas so even those might be untypical. But so far making about 2 cents per article per day.

Sun Singer said...

Er, here's an off-topic note, but look, what an honor: I tagged you with the Honest Scrap Award here:


Have a great new year.


Dana Prince said...

Thanks @Philip, I looked and you are in my network :)

Hey @Malcolm...gee...a meme...hmmm...lol. I'll squeeze it in next week. Happy New Year to you!

Caren said...

Bukisa index is now 3.65

Dana Prince said...

Thanks, Caren.
hmmmm...that's kind of ick. If it continues to plummet I don't see people sticking to it. I know it's fairly new and takes time to build revenue so perhaps that's all it is. Hoping to see it start inching its way back up soon!