Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Blogging Genesis

Group writing projects are a lot of fun and can get great conversations going. Today's post is in response to Sharon Hurley Hall's Blogging Start Group Writing Project

How did I get my start in blogging?

My blogging start created a freelance writing career for me but it didn’t happen straight away. I started a blog back in late 2002 / early 2003 on Writing.com. I spent every spare minute there for months writing and sharing and giving people free reviews of their writing pieces. How I loved that site!

I started posting my writing and then got promoted through some of the inner rankings and when I hit a specific rank I got given a blog of my own as a 'gift'.

I abandoned that blog when morning sickness struck in mid 2003 but then in early 2006, I read an article in Reader's Digest about people making money online and blogging was in the list. A month or so later I discovered a blogging for money site and joined writingup.com with the promise of Adsense revenue sharing. I think I made a whole $17 in Adsense on writingup.com in several months but what I did make was friends that helped me start my freelance writing career as a result of sharing their freelance journey on their blogs which helped me learn of places that would pay me to blog and write articles.

I always knew I was destined to write but I wondered if I’d ever fulfill my destiny. You see, I never thought about freelance writing. I thought I’d have to face dozens of novel rejections before finally getting my big break.

Writingup.com (which is now long gone) helped me find many work at home job leads, writing mentors and helped me find my writer’s voice. Today, I maintain about a dozen different blogs, write full time from home and have a small writing agency. It all started with blogging.

God Bless the Internet!


Sharon Hurley Hall said...

Thanks for joining in, Dana. WritingUp was a great place to start blogging and like you I've kept a lot of friends from those days.

Claire said...

Hi Dana,

I do remember you from WritingUp. My entry into Sharon's writing project is very similar to yours!

Here it is: Survivor : WritingUp.

Dana Prince said...

Thanks for stopping by, Claire :)

suewrite said...

Hi Dana,

my post was similar to yours and Claire's, memories of writingup, good meemories too.

Joan Kremer said...

Hi Dana,

I really enjoyed reading your story. It's so inspiring to hear about people making a living doing freelance blogging and other kinds of writing. Thanks for sharing!