Saturday, June 21, 2008

When Do You Do Your Self-Promotion?

As a writing WAHM life is busy. Busy good but busy. I try to make an effort to do self-promotion every day. How do I do that without ruining my productivity? Tricky question!

The answer to productivity and self-promotion living in harmony is a schedule. I habitually check all my stats in the morning while I'm waking up so this is a great time to do a bit of promotion. That might include a Twitter tweet or posting some blogs. Spending a few hours a week is even better!

Spend Time on YOUR Writing Career

Just as Sundays are my big admin day of the week, on Saturdays I try to spend time writing for myself and promoting myself. I take Saturday mornings for my own internet marketing efforts for my websites and to promote my writing services online. Not only might I have a project on the go for a client but I might take time to submit to article directories for myself, write additional blog posts, do some internal linking tweaks on old posts and do some online SEO for my own websites. Taking time to promote will bring you more search engine rankings, more clients and the potential for more passive income.

Time Equals Money But Investing Time On YOU Equals MORE Money for YOU

Since you're writing to help other people make money online, shouldn't you take a little bit of time to do this for yourself too? An hour or two a week translates to almost a full day of work a month on promoting yourself!


Sharon Hurley Hall said...

It's important to schedule time for this, Dana. I tend to do some light touch social stuff during the week, and stuff like article marketing and adding my blog to directories on the weekends. However, I'm not rigid about it. Sometimes deadlines prevent me from sticking to that schedule, but as long as I do something I don't mind.

Andrea said...

You know, I keep saying I'm going to and I never get around to it. I always seem to go for the quick money rather than the long term investment. Hubby says it's my fatal flaw. But you are definitely right. Give me a kick in the rear when I get back from vacation please so I'll be more motivated to get moving.

Dana Prince said...

@sharon, there are saturday mornings where I"m working for others as well but I do try to make that 'my' time as I work generally 7 days a week so figure Saturday mornings can be a little more for me.

It doesn't have to be huge. It could just be a little thing that you do for yourself. Baby steps. Enjoy that vacation. You SO deserve it!

Ashwin said...

Hey Dana,

This post served like a morning prayer for me. Self-promotion is the only possible way I would get around in this business and I do it every single day.

Of course, I don't pick up on orders I can't deliver and never less than my going rates ( except when I don't have anything else to do).

This is -- as you said -- an on going, consistent and an almost religious thing to do when it comes to business and one must not let go of self-promotion, ever. If possible automate it, if not keep at it.

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