Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SEO Approaches for Your Writing Services Site

If you're created your own freelance writing services site, you need to think about SEO for it. If you're doing SEO writing for your clients, you already know a lot about search engine optimisation, whether you realize it or not.

Have you got your own website yet?

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of having your own professional writing website. Today will help you learn how to use knowledge gained from your clients (and mine) to help you promote your own website.

I've recently read some reports and e-books from internet marketing gurus and realised that I already know an awful lot about SEO and internet marketing. I am continuing to make efforts to strive to put my knowledge to use to help clients and help myself. It's pretty cool when writing for someone is a really symbiotic relationship and that's why I've chosen internet marketing as one of my niches. It gets me earning money while learning how to earn more money. Very cool. Did I just say cool in two sentences (now three sentences) in a row? Being careful of repetition in your writing is often important but being careful to craft intentional repetitiveness is a huge part of SEO writing.

LSI Writing

If you can get your copy to use similar words or synonyms, you're doing LSI article writing. See how I just did that? I just linked my professional website to a term that I'm ranking for in the search engines already. I did so on a site that's related to writing which is even better. That is going to help me get more clients who want those types of services and will help increase my rankings for this site and my professional website. Last month a client found me on page three for a term related to that one and by doing more linking to the terms I'm already ranking for and related terms, he's going to maybe see me move to page two and I might rank for another related term which brings up my overall rankings in that category.

101 Ways To Tackle SEO

Some clients claim that article marketing, hub pages and squidoo lenses are the way to go. Others create mini websites pointing to their main site. Others create silos. Guest posting can also be a huge help, too. Because search engine marketing is an evolving chess game, I choose to dabble a little in all areas I've learned about. Working as a head content writer for several SEO companies has definitely taught me a lot about marketing myself as a writer. Marketing yourself with SEO will get you more exposure, more jobs and will save you time because instead of trolling for jobs, the clients will start to come to you.


Ashwin said...

Talking about SEO, I begin to wonder why my blog doesn't isn't crawled by the Googlemighty God yet, does it take time? Well, it's been like 3 months, If I am not mistaken.

There is this excellent free ebook that my client gifted to me once, perhaps I should share that with you...it's fun to read.

Like you said, SEO is indeed important and perhaps, I will do well if I spend some weekends learning as much as I can.

Dana Prince said...

Your new site looks great, Ashwin.

I would love the free e-book. dana at danaprincewriting dot com.

Sorry you're not getting crawled yet. Here's what I'd do:
-submit manually to google, yahoo & dmoz (if you need url's, I can give them to you)
-Write a few articles for ezinearticles.com and ideamarketers.com and point to your site in resource box
-I did a stumbleupon discovery for you today so that might helped
-submit a few of your posts to onlywire.com after signing up for at least a few of the sub services like digg, delicious, rawsugar, etc.
-submit to pingomatic.com
-submit to Technorati
-keep using it for your blog comments for a few days.

Have a great evening.

Ashwin said...

Sent you the ebook Dana...Enjoy the read!

Gosh...That's a lot of work to do on the site! I'll get to that...

Thanks a ton for everything. I will remember you for this...:-)

Dana Prince said...

Yes it is a bit of work but won't just pay off once, will pay off for a long time to come :)

Thanks for the e-book, I'll let you know what I think.