Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Mid Week Distractions and Must Reads

I'm up to my eyeballs in work but have found a few worthy reads today that I wanted to share. I first wanted to say I'm having some really good luck with team members lately. I have had a few rough spells with people problems with my writing agency but have some absolute gems on the team who have just taken a huge burden off a very frazzled green eyed headless chicken. Thanks team!

Ok--- quick post and then back to work.

1. First, if you're not Twittering yet, you should join the party! I'm having trouble not peaking at it many times a day to see all the buzz and chatter. Great fun!

2. Check out: Bootstrapper's Top 100 Freelancer Blogs (maybe I'll make it onto the next list. [wink])

3. Post of the day from Naomi Dunford. Naomi sheds some light on commuting versus telecommuting. This Ittybiz post hit home with me in a big way and reminded me of my sage choice in creating my own way to earn money and be my own boss.

Ok, back to work I go! I need to write some website building how-to articles, edit some medical articles, write a blog post and clean the house for company tomorrow.

Oh, and God bless the Internet!


Amy - Write From Home said...


I just recently found Naomi's blog myself, and I love it.

I've heard twitter is very addictive, so I've hesitated to join. I already spend too much time blogsurfing!!!

Have a great day!

Dana Prince said...

'tis very addictive, Amy. I definitely didn't need another distraction! Thanks for popping by :)

amy said...

I've read three or four bloggers today raving about it, but I am still holding out. I am a major OCD freak, so I can totally see myself spending 15 hours a day on Twitter. :-)