Monday, February 25, 2008

A Writer's Warning About Contract Clauses

Today's post provides some link love to Brenda Emmett for her post about clauses in writing contracts. Read this valuable warning to freelance writers who could be asked to sign contracts with unreasonable terms.

When I first got started in writing I had a few mentors and a bit of a writing club I participated in and I'd send the odd e-mail or contract for advice. This was really helpful helping me to see areas that I didn't always realize would be a concern. I now look very carefully at any agreement that involves my career and my future ability to write and earn.

While a client may have requirements to protect their business and things like a non-disclosure (NDA) clause make sense, signing away the right to work in future for a specific industry when your are a freelancer and not a direct employee isn't a very wise move and could be very career limiting. Be very careful about contracts with writing clients and this is another reason you should network with you can talk to experienced professionals when you don't know if a client is treating you fairly or if signing a particular clause is right for your writing career.

Read Brenda's post about non-compete clauses in writing contracts.

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Brenda Emmett said...

Thank you Dana! That was a very pleasant surprise! I feel very strongly on this subject. We need to be careful as writers to read the fine print. :)