Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Writer’s Blog Is Going On A Short Hiatus

You may have noticed my posts are less frequent this month. My to do list is massive at the moment. This writing business certainly is NOT suffering the typical December slow down. I’m busier than ever and just took on a new team member (and thinking of taking on another new one) to keep up.

Here’s what’s on the go by me that’s due within the next week :S
-12 pages of main website content for industrial cleaning website
-partial content for life coaching site
-seo article package in progress on men’s fashion
-seo article package on telemarketing
-gift articles
-write sample articles for three potential upcoming projects on construction, party favours and tiling
-seo package on home improvements
-health article

Here’s what I’m overseeing for my team right now that requires, proofing, editing and coordination as well as project brief writing.

-large project of 1400 word articles on pets with dozens weekly to proofread and coordinate
-real estate seo article package
-industrial steel seo article package
-62 pages of website content for autism site
-several blogs with daily posts
-large plr rewrite project
-several smaller article packages on various subjects.

Add to this the fact that I have queries to answer and schedules to coordinate plus invoices to process and send and you have a busy busy lady.

I’m not only busy with work and but have to get the pre-holiday craziness too and start shopping, cooking, cleaning, tree trimming, wrapping, etc. so you might not see me here for a week or two. I will happily respond to comments and might take the odd break or two to pop into a few of my regular forums or blogs but am going to try to buckle down and get a lot done.

Be back soon!


Sun Singer said...

Busy beats being bored!

Have a great Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Please do come back! This post gives me hope for when I go freelance. Happy Holidays!

Katherine said...

Wow Dana, good for you - last year I was sort of busy and I had to work through Christmas... but I didn't have your kind of work load. But, busy is very, very good - especially at this time of year. :)

Yuwanda Black said...


You're living proof that December, if you've marketing right throughout the year, does not have to be a slow month for freelance writers, as I wrote about in this article:

Hope your success continues into the New Year.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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