Monday, November 12, 2007

Introducing The Webreviewer Series

I'm pleased to be starting a new series here I'm going to call the The WebReviewer series.

I've recently started working with Matthew Bredel who is also known as the WebReviewer.. Matt is a successful online entrepreneur and owner of The WebReviewer and His websites help those looking to make money online with information, reviews and tutorials. I believe a lot of what writers do involves marketing and self promotion and many of us supplement our writing income with pro blogging, affiliate marketing and other online businesses so I believe that posting this series can help my readers as well.

I have been writing for Matt Bredel for a few months and will now be contributing to his blog as well. Do subscribe if you want information delivered to your mailbox. Beyond my contributions, Matt and others write on the blog as well. It's a great resource for anyone dabbling in WAH.

For the articles I write for Matt, he has agreed to allow me to also share with you here as well. Matt's sites help to dispel myths about e-commerce and separate hype from real opportunities. He reveals plenty of online business opportunities and strategies for those looking to make money through online entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned for this week's contributions. Feel free to visit Matt's websites and subscribe to his services as well. He does a great blog and offers a free online community forum as well.

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