Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Week In The Life Of A Frazzled WAHM Freelance Writer

Interested in the mayhem I've experienced this week so far? There's been lots and it's only Wednesday...

-Have to pay out $75 to get a rewrite done for something that's NOT my fault and an order that was approved four months ago. Why am I doing it? It's a matter of saving myself time from doing the rewrite myself. Why am I letting the client away with this? It's a long story and will earn me much more money in the long run because it's a very profitable client.

-Lost a $400 invoice this week because the client put the project on hold. Needed that $400 very badly this week.

-Spent several hours and about a dozen plus so emails plus revised agreements, spreadsheets and databases and put together information for 4 out of 12 applicants to join my team. After all the time and effort spent, the rush of work I was doing this for hasn't come in so now have all these people waiting patiently

-Lost a day of work due to being in bed with dizzy spells yesterday. Put me behind on work, in money and in housework. Bummer.

-Gave a new client their walking papers which was emotionally straining for me. I canceled a client order for $60 for this week and refunded a deposit which cancelled a future order for about $400. See the post directly behind this one for details. It had to be done but I still see lost $$$'s and feel a bit traumatized by the stress of the affair.

-Dealing with a case of the missing client when it comes time to paying some outstanding invoices (of which some of that money needs to go to a team member) but the client is present and accounted for when it comes to handing me new work to do. One of those jobs is 'urgent'. Can you say selective inbox scanning?

-Sorting out a deal with a new client that involves new things I've not done before with article directories, etc. Exciting stuff but having trouble wrapping my brain around it probably because of all that's above. Worrying about client because he lives in San Diego (which is on fire right now).

-Three year old just apologized to me for 'interrupting' me. Worried I'm spending too much time on computer stressing and not enough time with him. Need to go read him a story and give him twenty kisses after finished this post.

-Have on plate to still do this week: 1 e-book to finish (only 1/3 way done), 30 articles about insurance, software and laser hair removal plus 200 travel articles to proofread.

-Have 7 loads of dirty laundry built up and five loads of clean laundry to put away.

-have bad roots showing and hair dye in the cabinet but don't know when I'll have time to do it. Didn't get out of pajamas until 1:00 today (got dressed in the laundry room cuz that's where the clean clothes are!)and haven't had eyebrows waxed in long enough that the word caterpillar springs to mind.

Looking at this list you might wonder if being a freelance writer is worth it.

Oh yes, DEFINITELY. I LOVE it and am thankful every day for it!


Sharon Hurley Hall said...

Frazzled - I can understand why. I've had some client challenges myself this week and am starting to think about how to move on from those. I'll let you know if I get any insights. :)

Brenda Emmett said...

Oh Dana, Dana, Dana! And you told ME last night that you hoped I had enough time for R&R! LOL! Our weeks are similiar in the frazzled department...just different challenges! Hang in there and kiss that sweet child for me! They grow up WAY too fast! I tried to ground mine from turning 11 this week, but he told me "no!" (sigh)

Dana Prince said...

Well, a few things happened after I posted this that could equate to more frazzledness but a few good things also happened too so I decided to focus on those. Then, I walked away and the wee one & I went outside and raked leaves and got some fresh fall air for an hour out front and then we came inside and baked chocolate cupcakes. Now, I'm off to have family time with the family and tomorrow is another day...

(I can relate..I told my eleven year old that he wasn't allowed to grow anymore or he would be grounded. He thought that was funny.

Tammi said...

I hope things are running smoother. No matter what, you manage to end things on a positive note. This is a powerful attribute.

It's inspiring to read that other WHAMs face the same issues. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and alone. Reading posts like this is very helpful.

Reminds me: I HAVE to address my mustache legs:)

Dana Prince said...

Thanks Tammi. I try to look for the positive because when I do, things always turn around for me.

Things went from bad to worse after my post because I found out a project I thought was worth x amount was only going to be worth half. I was ready to cry. But, after spending time forgetting about work and having fun with my son I decided to come back for a bit last night and grab the bull by the horns. The absent client paid all his overdue bills and then I took a few rush assignments to do on the weekend to make up for some lost money. It's all going to work out. Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself and took charge of what was going wrong, things turned around :)

Do yourself a favour & take a long bubble bath today and do some primping and pampering for yourself :)

Michele L. Tune said...

Hi Dana,

Sorry to hear about your frazzling times, but hopefully this will take your mind off of it:

If you need a break from the routine, feel free to participate in the Crazy 8s. Here's mine:


Best wishes for a wonderful weekend and fresh start next week!


Karen said...

I just started freelancing in May of this year and reading your posts has me scared as heck!