Thursday, July 5, 2007

Second Chances In Writing

Do you believe in second chances? I do.

A client that I let go of a few months ago due to lack of reliability with payments has come back and asked for a second chance. I've been missing them as they paid decent rates and had lots of work for me and other than a few easy guidelines, the work I did for them allowed a good amount of creative freedom.

Today gave me a boost as they asked for a second chance and commented that I was one of their best so they really wanted me back. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and know I've been given my fair share of chances in life so hopefully it works out well. If nothing else, I got a good ego boost this morning and based on the amount of writing I have to pull out of my hat in the next 72 hours, I needed some mojo to get through it as I was having a solemn week.

I have 27 how-to articles to pull out of my, err...hat (?) in the next 72 hours plus in the next 24, I have to wrap up work for a magazine that I work on and will be pleased to link to you the site in a few days because I was lucky enough to find out that this is not another ghostwritten effort. This is my third issue to work on and the second is released this weekend and is supposed to have my name in it as a contributor. This, I'm thrilled about because as all freelancers know, the amount of credit given is often few and far between unless you do the work for free and I'm actually getting paid AND getting to see my name in print. :)

Speaking of second chances, I've recently given paid to post blog jobs a second chance too and have been writing again for Blogitive. I gave up on them for a few months when their writing rules became very stringent but they were a reliable and steady flow of income for me for a long time so I have started writing with them again, although not here on this blog. If you are new to writing for a living, you will have plenty of lessons to learn, I'm sure. Hopefully if you mess up, someone will give you a second chance and hopefully if you give a second chance to someone, they don't bite you again.

Have a great day!

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