Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lost In Blog Land

It never fails, I click something for just a second and have trouble finding my way back to my work. This morning I have GOT to buckle down and get some serious finger flying happening. I have five different deadlines between yesterday and Monday. (The yesterday one I'm running behind on but the client is flexible.)
Yet here I am...
I found my way onto a blog this morning (Mrs. Write Right in my blogroll) which led me to a survey about freelancing which led me to click a link and then that led me to consider how far away I'd gotten from my plan. First thing in the morning I have a regiment including that I check all my stats including my technorati rankings and that's how I often land on my favourite blogs because I see what is new and exciting to be read. Those blogs link me to other places and it can cause me to lose an hour of productivity if I'm not careful.

I love the blogosphere but this weekend have so much work to do that I need to be more regimented so I can get my work done. If I do things right, I can hit all my deadlines AND still find time to take my kids to the park later and have a campfire with hubby tonight.

So what am I doing here right now? Oh alright, buh-bye..

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Travis Erwin said...

Hope you met those deadlines and made to the park. And roast a marshmellow for me.