Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sharing Some Writer Resources

I'm here working my fingers to the bone and smelling fresh cut grass through the open window. The gentle putter of the neighbour's lawnmower is strangely soothing. It's going to be a busy weekend for me here at the desk instead of outside staring at my lake but I might take a half hour tonight for a camp fire and some s'mores with my boys :)
While I'm here for a moment, I thought I'd share some resources.

Here's a great new source for freelance writing job listings if you haven't found it.
It's and I blog at a sister site there called writeniche.

Have you discovered Deb Ng's freelance writing jobs yet? I've blogged about it before but it's a great place to get work and talk about the biz.
Find Deb at Writer's Row

I've found some interesting leads through too. When you're visiting someone's profile, there are popular links on the side. If you are visiting a freelance writer's blog, there are related links like jobs and resources and other freelance writing blogs. Same goes for other topics. If you aren't using yet, check it out. I love it!

Last week I found a great writer's forum at WAHM forum and there's lots of info to share for writing wahms as well as anyone looking to do just about anything from home. Check it out.

Back to work I go. Busy busy bee today :D



Anonymous said...

honestly, isn't Deb's blog a lifesaver!? I'm sure by now everybody and their mother visit it, BUT I still managed to snag one job from there :)

FOund your blog at WAHM!

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Dana Prince said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ally.
Yes, WAHM is becoming a new addiction for me (like I needed other diversions from writing...NOT, lol) and Deb's board got me a gig I started almost a year ago that is a monthly recurring gig and nets me about 2x more than similar gigs. I enjoy her blogs and think she's a gem!

Stop back by when your new blog is up & running and drop your link. I'd love to take a look.