Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Take The Time For Self Promotion When You're A Writer

I've been on my merry way lately, writing for a living full time for various clients and recently realized that I'd never get any further ahead as a writer who was writing for myself if I didn't take the time to make sure it happened.
The last 6-8 months I've been writing 7 days a week and paying the bills and learning a lot about freelance writing but I've done nothing to further my own career long term. If I'm not careful, this could land up being the same hamster wheel I was on before I left the corporate rat race.

I know that as happy as I am to be a working writer, I don't want to be still right here writing for a penny or two and a half pennies a word five years from now with nothing out there with my own name on it.

A lot of the Inspired Author chats revolve around helping you to get your name out there and find ways to self promote. Suzanne James says that today's publishers want writers to bring something to the table...their own fan base. She has taught me a lot lately about finding ways to self promote. Her Friday night chats at 7:pm e.s.t. are a great resource for working writers or wannabe writers.

This past weekend I took Suz's advice and also used some of Sharon Hurley Hall's techniques that she talks about and recommends to writers in her blog and I spent a big chunk of time on self promotion.

I got very little work done of my clients' and as a result will have to hustle over the next few days but I did get a lot accomplished and had a blast. Most of all, I did something that will help me move forward.

-I launched a myspace account ( which can help me network with other writers as well as readers who might some day want to buy my books. (Incidentally, if you want to see an impressive myspace author's page, search for author Nikki Leigh when you visit)

-I launched my new blog for which will result in my own topic/section of the website where I help new writers by sharing my journey with them. (The blog is at:

-I got myself published as an expert author on an article directory which will help me further spread my name and credibility:
(see the article here

And, in the process have decided it's time to start working on a novel again. I have about a dozen unfinished ones that all date back prior to my finding work as a writer. Since then, I've learned a lot and read some writers' resource books that have given me some valuable information so I'm looking forward to getting at it again and putting my new skills into practice. Now, to think of a storyline and plot...:S (lol)

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