Thursday, April 19, 2007

In Praise of Social Bookmarking For Writers

Use a social book marking aggregator. I like

I first heard about this tool from Jason Parker, who runs where I also blog and I haven't figured out how this site makes any money by doing this but if you sign up for, you can, with a few clicks submit to dozens of social bookmarking sites individually.
It's a bit of work joining up for them first off but then it's a breeze to use and I use it for my blog pages and websites that I help to promote and it definitely helps bring in more hits.

It submits to the following sites:
Wink and probably some others by now, too.

What is social book marking and why should I use it?

Social Bookmarking is sort of like having a favourites page out there for the world to see.

There are various sites that you can use to tell other people what sites or pages you like. It's also a way for you to hold private bookmarks which can be great if you're using a public computer and want your favourite bookmarks saved (but not necessarily to allow anyone else to see your bookmarks.) You can also have a combination of public and private pages.

Social bookmarking is also a great way for you to see what other people find interesting or worthy of being bookmarked.
When you bookmark something, you can create an associated tag with it so that if someone wants to search on that particular subject, your contribution isn't only viewable if someone clicks on your profile but also by that category.
If someone were to file this particular article under the tag 'bookmarking' my article would appear in a list for someone doing a search based on bookmarking.

Tagging and bookmarking are a great way to get your own articles or favourite websites seen. I use it on my blogs and on websites that I find interesting.

I like using social bookmarking aggregators such as which bookmarks multiple bookmarking sites at one. Instead of having to tag simpy, wink and delicious (I can never remember how to punctuate that delicious site, lol) all separately, I simply use a button on my firefox browser that lets me tag and send my entry out to all my social book marking sites or a few selected ones I’ve chosen.

With a few clicks, it bookmarks my entry on the social bookmarking sites all under my username and with tags designated by me:

To use an aggregator:

You'd first have to visit each of these social bookmarking sites individually and register for each of them. This can take a bit of time but once its' done you can reap the rewards.

Many of these sites index your pages in Google or Yahoo so be aware of this excellent tool if working on promoting your name or sites you are interested in. Using social book marking aggregators is a great way to help push your name or your website out there and to get yourself indexed in Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

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